Loma (Wynnish: [][][][]) is the largest and richest city on the island of Wynneth. Located on Wynneth's eastern coast in the coterminous and eponymous City-State of Loma, Loma is the financial, cultural, spiritual, and administrative nexus of Wynneth.

Founded by the Noren as a freshwater fishing town, Loma has grown to be Wynneth's primary port, seat of power and cosmopolitan culture, and commercial meeting place. Although it remained small and localized during its first century of existence, the Ascension of the Moonsisters raised the city to international attention. Since then, it has been the main port of entry for religious pilgrims visiting Wynneth and it remains the island's most cosmopolitan city.

Today, Loma is the predominant city on Wynneth, sporting significant economic diversification, cultural heterogeneity, and practical power. Its head of state, the Minister Premier, is, and has been, the de facto ruler of the island. Loma and its governance has traditionally driven the political and social posturing of the entire island, frequently speaking on behalf of its City-States in matters of international affairs.


The name Loma comes from a corruption of the ancient Noren name of the city Leoama. Leo, a Noren word meaning “warmth” or “sunlight”, is combined with -ama, a Noren superlative suffix meaning “largest” or “memorable.”  Roughly translated, Leoama, means "large warmth," or, potentially, “grand sunrise,” owing to the flat lands around Loma and the fact that, as it faces east, the sunrise across the water is bright and unimpeded.

Over the years, Loma has obtained a variety of nicknames, but its most common, “the Sisters’ City,” comes directly from its connection to the Ascension.  Likely penned by a tourism-minded group, the moniker started appearing in publications and historical records less than a decade following the Ascension. 


Loma’s history spans back nine centuries to its founding as a frontier fishing village at the eastern edge of the Dayn Valley. While originally settled by Noren fisherman and their families, the town grew drastically after the Moonsisters, two chaste sisters purportedly descendants of the gods, ascended from Loma’s eastern shore to the sky, where they still reside today as the world's two moons. 

From then, the message of the Moonsisters, one of love, acceptance, liberty, and knowledge began to spread, enlightening Wynneth and the Far Nations.  Loma became a centre of pilgrimage as people from around the world flooded to hear the stories and view the Plinth of Ascension, the stone from which the sisters allegedly departed.  Some came to seek enlightenment, some came to exploit the religious fervor, and many of each stayed.  The once-quiet hamlet of Loma erupted with trade, science and, soon, power. 



Loma is situated on a low-lying marsh on the east central coast of Wynneth, east of the Dayn Valley.